• . Cathleen Barton

    Cathleen Barton

    US/SW Education Manager

    Intel Corporation

  • . Patti Beltram

    Patti Beltram

    Director for Career Services

    Peoria Unified School district

  • . Russell (Rusty) Bowers

    Russell (Rusty) Bowers

    Director of External Affairs


  • . Dan Brown

    Dan Brown

    Deputy Associate Superintendent

    Arizona Department of Education

  • . Pearl Esau

    Pearl Esau

    Executive Director

    Expect More Arizona

  • Dr.. Maria Harper-Marinick

    Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick

    Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

    Maricopa Community College District

  • . Marv Lamer

    Marv Lamer

    Associate Superintendent, Highly Effective Schools

    Arizona Department of Education

  • . Sam Leyvas

    Sam Leyvas

    Interim CEO

    First Things First

  • . Amanda McAdams

    Amanda McAdams

    Apollo High School

    Glendale Union H.S. District

  • . Diane McCarthy

    Diane McCarthy

    Director of Business Partnerships & Public Policy


  • . Mary Murphy

    Mary Murphy


    Governor Brewer's Workforce Development

  • . Darcy Renfro

    Darcy Renfro

    Vice President and Director

    STEM Initiatives, Science Foundation AZ

  • Dr.. Amy Schlessman

    Dr. Amy Schlessman

    Research, Innovation, Outreach

    Rose Academies, Tucson, AZ

  • Dr.. Kent Scribner

    Dr. Kent Scribner


    Phoenix Union High School District

  • . Chistine Thompson

    Chistine Thompson

    Executive Director

    State Board of Education

  • . Tom Tyree

    Tom Tyree


    State Board of Education

  • . Carolyn Warner

    Carolyn Warner

    President & CEO

    Arizona Skills Standards Commission

  • . Merl Waschler

    Merl Waschler

    President & CEO

    Valley of the Sun United Way

  • Dr.. Jim Zaharis

    Dr. Jim Zaharis

    Vice-President, Education

    Greater Phoenix Leadership

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