The Arizona Ready Education Council was formed by Governor Jan Brewer in 2011 following the adoption of the Arizona Ready Education Reform Plan. The Council mixes the business and education communities in an effort to implement already adopted reforms as well as innovatively drive new ideas for improving the Arizona education system.

Grad Rate Task Force

The Graduation Rate Task Force was formed quickly by the Arizona Ready Education Council in order to generate a stronger focus on accomplishing our graduation rate goal. The Task Force started meeting in 2012 and has focused on a variety of strategies and programs that keep students engaged throughout the education pipeline and prepared for postsecondary choices.

K-20 Funding Task Force

In 2012, Governor Jan Brewer tasked the Arizona Ready Education Council to fund the results we want to see in education. As a result, the K-20 Funding Task Force was assembled to focus on how we can drive student and school achievement through reforms to our education funding structure.

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