Our Background

Arizona Ready grew out of a two-year process to compete against all the other states for large Federal innovation grants in education. While the state of Arizona fell just 5 points (out of 500) short of winning, the plan we developed was too good to simply let die.

Governor Jan Brewer asked the P-20 Coordinating Council (now known as the Arizona Ready Education Council), the same group of professionals who created the original proposal, to transform it into a plan.

Arizona Ready is committed to carrying out that plan and achieving our goals by 2020.

March 2010

  • Arizona Department of Education joins 25-state consortium to develop a new rigorous assessment system.

June 2010

  • State Board of Education adopts internationally benchmarked, rigorous college and career standards with implementation starting in 2011 and completion expected in 2014.

Legislature 2010 Session

  • Changes the school rating system to A-F for schools and districts making it easier for parents, students and stakeholders to understand how well schools are performing. Will also report Excelling through Failing labels until 2013.
  • Requires State Board of Education to develop a model evaluation system framework for both teachers and principals by December 2011. New system to be implemented by school year 2012/2013.
  • Provides students with the capability to “move on when ready”. Creates an optional “Grand Canyon Diploma” that students obtain by passing rigorous college-level mathematics and English board examinations. Districts/schools may choose to offer a Grand Canyon Diploma beginning in the 2012/2013 school year.
  • Prohibits the promotion of a third grade student whose AIMS reading score falls far below the third grade level without a good cause exemption. Begins in 2013/2014 school year.

Our intention is nothing less than implementing this roadmap to improve Arizona’s education system and ensure its students are prepared for the 21st century.