Situations When You Need an Employment Attorney

When you begin or manage a business, your first thought is not if you require an attorney for your employment disputes. You most likely think about the services or products that you will be offering to your customers and your strategies to attract them. When you think regarding employees, you think about acquisition, wages, and remunerations.

Many human resource staff, managers, and business owners most likely do not consider hiring an employment attorney. There is no professional human resource staff or senior managers who start their businesses with the perception that they will find themselves with employment cases in courts. After all, very few business people intend to break the law. The issue is that employment laws are very complicated.


There are instances when a business needs careful guidance on the legal employment procedures from a labor attorney. When difficult situations arise, like union negotiations, strikes, contract disagreements, or employee grievances, having proper legal guidance helps. Every state of affairs is distinctive, and laws on employment transform now and then.

Here are some of the different situations when you need to hire an employment attorney.

During Collective Bargaining

Various industries today face problems that need to be tackled by a labor attorney. These organizations form unions to protect their legal employment rights. Some examples of these industries include building companies, airlines, agricultural sectors, schools, hospitals, and supermarkets.

When labor forces form unions, they enjoy shared collective bargaining powers. These workers have a right to decide if they will accept a contract or not during negotiations. If problems arise, a labor lawyer is needed.

During Contract Disputes

When it is time to roll over a new contract between the employer, the employees, and the union, at times it works effectively and in other times disagreements persist. These disagreements can arise from different issues like time off, medical care, working conditions, and pay rates. Employees can go to strike if the negotiators don’t reach an agreement within a particular period.

Hand shake

Strikes are harmful to businesses in various ways. First, the skilled employees refuse to undertake their tasks, which leaves several tasks unattended. Second, the employees distract peace in the organization with noise and striker signs. These reasons can cause the loss of many customers.

Suitable solutions often call for the help of an employment lawyer to ensure that the negotiations end up in harmony. It is crucial to take legal steps to avoid employees placing charges against your company.

During Employee Grievances

If a worker has been chastised for a wrong action, he/she may file a grievance. The employee might claim that the chastise was unfair or unjust. In such a case, a company may need a labor lawyer to defend its charges.


If your business is facing some collective bargaining issues with your employees, you are not alone. This problem is common in the field of business today. Regardless of the area of business, you need to protect it. Hiring a labor attorney ensures the corporate culture and management philosophies of your company, which in the long run profits your business.