How Visual Search Impacts The Future Of Seo

Google search in this day and age is more diverse than it was five years ago. The advance of technology has seen the addition of new features such as voice search which adds a different dimension to how people use search engines to find information. Nowadays, one can search for information online without even typing a single word.

But voice searching is not the only development; another new way is using the visual search to get information, which is done by using your camera to take pictures.

Although this method of searching is relatively new, there’s no doubt that it has changed the way consumers look for information, and it is likely to impact SEO in the future. How? have a peek here

Pictures are as relevant as texts


Currently, most people center their SEO efforts on texts. That means they focus so much on articles and keywords. With this new development, texts will still indicate contents of the image, but the picture itself is what will be shown to the potential customers.

Images will create successful digital marketing campaigns

Imagine this way, a friend offers you a new lotion, you try the cream and you immediately like it. Then you get curious about wanting to know more about the lotion so you take a picture and see the product itself online and where you could buy it.

That way, marketing has already occurred without you even knowing. And that could be done to a range of items such as clothes, furniture and drinks, among other things.

Adding visuals to marketing will add another degree of interactivity and accessibility to users.

The quality of the image will inspire competition

Even though consumers will be looking for a particular product, they will most likely click on an image they find having excellent quality. Background, color choices and other factors may also influence consumer choices. But, the most appealing photos will get the most attention and rank better on search engines.


Visual search may still be a starting technology, but it’s something to look out for as it has the potential of positively impacting the SEO landscape in a few years to come. If you plan on using visual search to get ahead of your competitors, a good start will be to create a more visual type content.