5 Reasons You Should Recycle

Some 10 years ago, many people knew the advantage of recycling but took it as an inconvenience. There were people who did recycle but this wasn’t much objective. Today, many people have taken up the role of recycling to their self. Individuals,companies, and groups have adopted the idea of recycling because of many reasons.

Below are 5 Reasons You Should Recycle.

1. It promotes Economic growth.

Recycling is an activity that helps the economy grow in two primary way;

•The first way in which recycling helps the economy to grow is that companies/businesses save money through buying recycled products which come at a very low price or by recycling some of their materials. This helps the company to minimize expenditure.

Three colorful recycle bins isolated on white background with the clipping path. Selection path.

When expenditure is reduced, a company can employ more people which reduces the unemployment rate. Reduction of unemployment is a great sign of economic growth. Additionally, companies reduce production cost thus providing their products and services at a lower price.

•Recycling also results in economic growth by creating jobs. Recycling creates jobs due to the high number of people required to participate in recycling processes. A country’s rate of growth is measured by the number of job opportunities to the population.  The recycling centers phoenix are a good example of creating jobs. Therefore recycling helps many people find an activity to make ends meet.

2. Reduce Reliance on Mining.

Mining is an activity that brings resources such as minerals to a country but at the same time destroy our environment. The urge for mining has really increased resulting in deaths at mines and diseases such as malaria. Mining also destroys our landscape, destroy the home for our wildlife and destroy underground water reservoirs.

With recycling, our natural resources are preserved. A good example is steel metal. If we recycled ferrous metals such as steel, we will reduce the rate of mining coal and iron ore. When we recycle Aluminium, Bauxite mining will be reduced. Remember, bauxite mining is very dangerous.

3. Reduce the Need for Landfills.

Recycling is a very environment-friendly activity. Most people have adopted the idea of landfills. The problem about landfills is that they carry very valuable material. People throw almost everything they deem as waste to landfills. But remember, almost all material we throw away can be recycled, repurposed or reused.


These landfills hide so many materials that we would have utilized/recycled. We would save so much money, rescue the environment and create employment. Of course, there are some materials that just belong to landfills. It is already predicted that one day, landfills will be reopened for the precious material they hold.

4. Save trees.

Trees are the main source of paper. With the growing times, more paper is required meaning more trees must be cut. Cutting down of trees has so many effects to our environment which are lack of rain, soil erosion and lack of habitat for our wild animals. Cutting down trees also destroys the beauty of nature.

Recycling papers is a very great idea. Even though papers can just be recycled 5-7 times and their fibers are worn out, it saves the rate at which trees are cut to manufacture new papers. Several countries such as the USA are already implementing this program of recycling papers and reducing tree cutting. They are empowering people to plant trees and putting up very strict policies to control tree cutting.

5. Reduce pollution.

Recycling at least 30% of waste materials highly reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. Recyling saves so much energy and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions than any other waste management method. Studies have proved that using recycled products saves a lot of energy up to 48% than the energy that is used in manufacturing a new product.

The above reasons give you the motivation to also get involved in recycling and help grow the economy while saving the environment.