Target Launches 5 Million Giving Competition With Ellen Degeneres Show

“Thanks a Billion! ’’

This is a teacher appreciation show whereby every parent and student is requested to say thank you before farewelling at the end of every school year. The campaign from target asks guests to appreciate rock star teachers owing to their hard work. Simply say a thank you to a teacher who you feel made a mark in your life.


Through the target’s facebook page or the thanks a million website, share an appreciation message that honors a teacher who has impacted on your life. Upon any submission from a guest, the Target donates $25 that’s teacher school. The school will receive up to $25000. The catch, however, is until Target has rewarded some cool $5million, it will not stop.

Ellen Degeneres Show 1


The Target has been on the front in assisting local communities by giving. “Thanks a billion” is just one way that could enable Target to actually achieve the $1billion for education. The same will show gratitude to all teachers who have gone an extra mile in impacting the societies where they work and in the nation. For the sake of creating awareness on this noble course.


The Target got in touch with Ellen Degeneres. Ellen Degeneres has been vocal on the campaign and was in fact there as principal Carlotta Brown of Peck elementary in Houston was rewarded for her good work. Since education is a door opener, it’s of importance to honor teachers who are every day impacting all students.