5 Fashion Photography Mistakes That You Can Avoid

When fashion is mentioned, at the back of our minds, a popular style in lifestyle, footwear, clothing, makeup,body, and accessories is created. It is just what makes people smart and unique. Fashion is an industry that many designers are investing in to sell their ideas that could make us smarter and standout among the rest.

For fashion to meet its goal, it relies a lot on photography. Not all target audience will make it to a fashion exhibit, but photos of various designs can reach a broader audience through platforms such as Social media.


Making these fashion photos excellent should be the goal of every fashion photographer. Poorly taken fashion photos might interfere with the general intent of the photographs.Below, we discuss 5 fashion photography mistakes that you can avoid:

1.Failure to select the best camera.

The camera you use as a fashion photographer is a determinant in the type of photos you produce. A poorly selected camera will produce fashion photos that are not clear(photos that lack authenticity since they do not clearly show the fine details).

A good camera for fashion photographs should have the following specs:

-100% viewfinder coverage.
-Superior Autofocus performance.
-Non-stop shooting(7 frames per second).
-Shutter speed at 30 to 1/8000 seconds.
-Resistant to dust and other harsh weather condition.
-Dual slots for the SD and CF cards.

2.Poor lighting.

Lighting also determines how the photograph will be. How clear and fine the details of the object being photographed will be. Being unable to control the light will affect your work as the chosen fashion photographer. If the fashion photo shoot is in an enclosed place, you should make sure the lighting is adjusted and favorable for the whole photo session.


Outdoor lighting is however hard to control. This is because the light keeps changing with the weather and time of the day. In this case, you should use fill flash and reflectors for the best and desired results.

3.Poor theme.

Most fashion photographers make the mistake of not choosing/developing a good concept. Always come up with a theme for your photography. Make sure each concept is creative and unique. This influences your final results positively.

4.Lack of a portfolio.

Lacking a portfolio is the greatest mistake any fashion photographer would make. It will make you be undermined and hinder your professional growth. You should keep a portfolio portraying your best artwork.

This separates you from beginners and sells your services for major fashion events.

5.Failure to experiment various camera angles.

A fashion photographer should always be ready to experiment every angle. You should make sure the photos are professional. As a fashion photographer, you must crawl on the floor, move closer to the object and climb up. This is to make sure the photos are clear and professionally taken. Let the target audience see even the hidden details of the object. A fashion photographer should never be restricted to one angle.

Paying keen attention to the mistakes above will ensure that you grow to the desired heights of your photography profession.