Find Time To Exercise As A Single Mom

It can be difficult for anyone in this modern age to find time to be fit. That goes especially for single moms. They have to worry about contending with issues such as children and work.

Also, they have to find time to tend to the house. The following are some tips for single moms on how to carve out that time.

Make Your Home A Gym

If you want to find time to exercise as a single mom, you have to get creative. You might not be able to go to the gym. It can be too costly. However, you can make your home into a gym. You can do cardio on a low impact machine even if you live in an apartment.

Mom and daughter

The equipment is difficult to move, so make sure you only buy anything if you are planning on staying for a while. Additionally, you get get a lightweight stepper if you live in a home that has a basement. These can be higher impact, but you can use them in the basement of any home. For additional info about exercise, go to the link provided.

Get Your Kids Excited

You might have little tots, or preteens. Whatever the case, you can certainly get your children into the spirit of exercise. You can do videos at home and ask your kids to join in. They might enjoy having time with you to do the work.

Portrait of mother with sons in bed lying one on top of anotherPortrait of mother with sons in bed lying one on top of another

Another example of motivating your kids is by modeling the importance of fitness. This can help them to understand that exercise is important for people of any age. They will be more respectful of mommy time when you’re working out. If you have young tots, you might have to do the work out during their naptime or after they are asleep. Even so, you can have a fun experience with teaching your children that work-outs are an important and mandatory part of life.