How Do You Write A Pitch For A Press Release

Maybe you have been wondering why your press pitches keep getting rejected by bloggers and journalists alike.

Many businesses have died because of one publication regarding it in a top publication. You need to be able to give the best press release that cannot get rejected nor ignored.

In this post, we will give you a guide into how to write a press pitch that will leave jaws dropping!

Writing an Excellent Press Pitch

To write a press pitch that causes journalists to light up like a scientist that found his eureka moment, you must to

Have a unique angle that causes them to be curious

Make the subject like attention-grabbing

Write a short, clean email that makes them feel valued

Getting the Right Angle

Lap top

Do want your pitch to be read-worthy? go to this site. And make sure:

It is relevant to the interests of the journalist

It is timely with regards to the most recent stories

It has the likelihood of generating traffic

Relating Your Pitch to the Latest Stories

Identify the most recent story the journalist had covered and refer your pitch to it. For this to work:

Align your story with the journalists beat

Make your story relatable to a recent story

This is building on the belief that if the journalist had covered a similar story, he or she might want to delve in it more.

News Jacking

This is primarily riding on a big story ad tying your product or content to it. For this approach to work for your business, you need to:


Identify a significant story getting coverage by most media like a big sports event or elections

Come up with content that aligns with your business and knowledge

Share the story with relevant journalists

Final Thoughts

No one wants their press release ignored or rejected. Follow the above tips, and your press pitch will reach your target audience.