Governor’s Summer Reading Program

Though schools may be off for summer, education should continue all the same. The Governor reading program was initiated by Governor Olene Walker and has remained until now as an effort to increase educational accomplishment statewide. Governor Gary Herbert has been consistent on his commitment to education. He encourages the students to keep on reading and they will make a difference not only in their societies and families but in the state too.


Reading has been found to be a key component in education foundation. Students who read and those who are ready to have better cognitive development. This program is geared to persuade students to read every day, to build skills and finally to continuously study even in summer.

The read with the bees program is a fun program where students learn and win even as they enjoy summer.

The program is joint with the Utah governor’s reading program which has different prizes every year. The students are encouraged to join online but upon preference one can still use mail.


The deadline for reading is July 31st to facilitate the sending back of Bees ticket.Print a reading chart which is baseball like pdf which has more info on Bees players including favorite books. There are rules for participants too.

Whenever a child read 20 minutes, he or she can opt to fill another baseball moving around the baseball diamond. as they move around the bases, there are prizes to be won which include books and pencils. The finalists get tickets to Salt Lake Bees game.

For details, students should log to ReadToday .com. Barnes and Noble provide a summer program beginning May and runs through to September. Basically, you are to read eight books and then in their summer reading journal, you write the part that was your favorite. Upon presenting the complete journal to a local Barnes and Noble, you get a new book. The program involves grades 1-6.