Why Is Michigan State Called The Spartans

Spartan is a word that makes many historians and lovers of Greek mythology get excited. In Michigan, the word Spartan is common mainly because Michigan State University team was christened so in 1925. Michigan State University was founded in the 19th century, and it is one of the best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the U.S. During competitions among colleges and universities, the university, which was at the time an agricultural college, was called the “Aggies.”

The university saw a need to change the name, and this is how “Michigan Starters” surfaced. The name did not sound sporty enough to George Alderton, an editor.

Spartans which was a name forwarded by a former player, Perry Fremont was picked. The team is referred to as Spartans ever since.

The use of Spartans in Michigan State

Many sporting teams from Michigan State University are called the Spartans. But the name has rubbed on to other Michigan school teams over the years. When a Michigan team is competing at the national or regional level, it goes by the name Spartans. click this site and learn all about the great MSU teams and why spartan is the name that befits each of them.


The Michigan teams have over the years come to identify themselves as the Spartans. A mascot by the name Sparty was made. Sparty is a mascot that has done many teams proud over the years. You can see the mascot during university functions. These events can either be inside or outside the university. It performs push-ups using one hand, dances, and can even be seen being carried by cheerleaders. In a way, it helps the teams feel invincible and strong.

Who were the Spartans?

Sparta was an ancient Greek city and was home to formidable warriors. The residents of Sparta were called Spartans. Spartan warriors defeated many armies despite their number being very small comparably.

Captivating tales of Spartacus, Sparta and its warriors continue to draw awe and admiration throughout the world.



The reason behind MSU picking the name Spartans in 1925 cannot be any different from the reason why it wants it to remain. The university has over the years used the Spartan name, and this has had a positive effect on the community. It is common to find newly-weds, alumni, graduates, and even locals taking pictures with the bronze Spartan statue erected at the university. The name Spartan will most definitely stay for many years in Michigan State.