How to Choose a Glass Pipe

So you want to acquire the most executive glass pipe in the market but do not have any clue where to begin? Well, the process of buying your first glass pipe can be incredibly taunting. The process of selecting a glass pipe can be confusing between finding trustworthy vendors, choosing a product that meets your requirements and learning the lingo. There is much to consider and learn before diving into the action. In this article, you will learn much more about the priorities you need to consider when selecting a glass pipe. Here are the tips to consider when picking a glass pipe:

Consider Your Preference

Your preference can be a dry pipe, bubbler or water pipe. Typically, a dry pipe is much more portable and smaller in size. Water pipe, on the other hand, is designed to be used for home purposes while a bubbler was invented to get the best out of both worlds by striking a balance.

 Glass Pipe 2

There are several different types of dry pipes you can get at Smoke shop –, from spoon pipes to exotic creations, long Sherlocks to small concert pipes. Water pipes aren’t extremely harsh because they are designed to cool and filter the smoke. A correctly sized water chamber can filter close to fifty percent of the carcinogenicity out of the smoke. The bubbler may have a smaller water chamber than the water pipe, but it is much more portable and concealable. There are several shapes and styles of glass you can choose from as well.

The Type of Glass Used

Construction of a glass pipe is crucial because not all glass is the same. A glass pipe that has a much better glass quality will possess the ability to be worked and even withstand thermal and impact stresses. The entire pipe should also possess even thickness and density. A glass pipe that has thin spots may be susceptible to breakages if it hits a hard surface. It is always advisable to select a glass pipe that has been made with the best glass. Usually, choosing an ideal glass make ensures that your pipe lasts for a prolonged period.


All pipes are not created equal. The poorly designed glass pipes are thinner and more comfortable to break in comparison to the well-crafted pipes. It is common for inferior pipe manufacturers to use cheap materials or even skip the vital steps when designing a glass pipe.


This aspect typically leads to the production of a weak and thin product. If you have time to discuss glass durability with a seller, consider inquiring for items that are designed with hundred percent borosilicate annealed glass. Besides, it is essential to ask about the thickness of glass when buying large rigs. If you are an amateur, it is common to cause accidents. For this reason, first-time buyers are advised to choose durable glass pipes.

Pricing and Affordability

When choosing your first glass pipe, you should remember that quality glass pipe does not come cheap. Sellers often base their prices on different factors such as artistry, complexity, and size. Whether shopping from a local shop or online store, remember there are plenty of options to choose from.

Also, remember that low price tag does not primarily translate to low quality; several vendors sell affordable and quality glass, both in stores and online. When shopping on a budget, check out for best sales and price reductions. You can save a few bucks by buying a glass pipe directly at an expo or convention. These types of events are filled with artistry and retailers, resulting in viable prices.

Lastly, the final selection of the glass pipe will be determined by personal preference as seen above. While a majority of users prefer water pipes over anything else, others may prefer the feel and hit of a bowl or hand pipe over the water pipe. Therefore, you can try your luck with the bubbler if you can’t honestly decide what to choose. It is hard to go wrong with the glass pipes.