5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Tech

Technology changes continually, and so do the opportunities it brings. When it comes to doing business, it’s important to follow and not fall behind. With Jordan doing its best to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth and provide them with a stimulating environment, companies need to do their part too and try hard to remain competitive in the market.

One of the ways to succeed in this goal is by recognizing the importance of keeping your technology up to date and understanding the role new tech plays in the overall growth of your business. Here are a few good reasons for you to upgrade the tech in your company.

It Can Minimize Your Costs

Even though upgrading your tech system can have high initial costs, they still can’t be compared to all the disadvantages your business will suffer when using an outdated system. Your ability to solve everyday business issues is greatly reduced when your tech is below the industry average, and this will have a significant impact on your productivity and efficiency. 

Many great tech solutions are unavailable for outdated systems, so unless you’re up to speed, your company is wasting an opportunity to use all their advantages and minimize the costs. On the other hand, investing in new tech, before your competitors, can bring you a competitive advantage in many fields, starting with your products’ quality, lower costs or greater user experience for your prospects and customers. 

It Saves Your Time


By upgrading your tech, you’ll speed up your everyday business operations and save a lot of your employees’ time, which they waste waiting for their documents to open or a webpage to load. Stats even claim that SMBs lose 42 productive hours per year, but there are some other hindrances too which are more difficult to measure, such as those that can be expressed in a damaged reputation or decreased sales.

If one of your employees is complaining about their slow PC performance, and the PC in question is less than 5 years old, troubleshoot the issue and check whether there are some other tech-related issues that need to be updated too, or a simple system tweak is required.

With 87.8% of the population using the internet and 53.5% having a Facebook profile, Jordan is one of the leaders in the Middle East when it comes to embracing high-tech solutions and switching to fiber  connections. Still, when facing an internet-related problem, check whether all your net switches are compliant with the minimally required 1 Gigabit broadband, as well as whether you’re using the most reliable fiber optics in Jordan.

It Increases Security

Switching to new technology solutions can significantly boost the security of your data, and ensure your business process consistency. With old tech systems, your data is at great risk, as PCs that are older than 3 years have a 28% chance to get infected with a virus, while when it comes to laptops this percentage is even higher, around 60%. New tech makes your data more secure, and you can use it to switch to cloud backup solutions easily, thus protecting your data from system failures, natural disasters, or hacker attacks. 

It Reduces Flaws


Sometimes a single piece of information can make all the difference between success and failure to meet your customers’ needs. And if you’re using technical solutions below the standards in your industry, such flaws can mean losing customers and your reputation. You can’t afford not to know whether you have a particular item in stock when your customer makes a query, because that customer will churn and make a purchase from your competitors who do. A single piece of information that you can find with a single click if you’re following the current industry trends, could result in a completely different outcome.

It Boosts Your UX 

You can use your new technology combined with new software solutions to boost the satisfaction of your users by providing them with an unforgettable experience, thus turning them into loyal customers. For example, you can implement POS systems and merge all the touchpoints between you and your customer into a single database. This way, your employees will be able to access all this information quickly and provide your customers with a timely and well-informed solution to their problems and improve their satisfaction.

It’s important to understand the advantages of upgrading your technology, and all the positive changes this can bring to your business process.