Volunteering And Money-raising Tips High School Student In Norway Apply

Volunteering is one of the ways for high school students to go on a school trip. These types of activities are educations, socials and create memories that will last for life. For example, maybe you dream of a class trip to Paris, or perhaps you wish to visit some historical sites.

While schools in Norway have a budget covering essential costs, school trips aren’t part of that equation, and students need to come up with the money. For some families in Norway, that can quickly become quite an expense, while the budget for such a trip ends up being several hundreds of dollars.Since these trips should be available for everyone, students resort to dugnad klassetur, or in other words, use volunteer work to raise money.

Here’s how they do it!

Find a company to work with

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Raising money in Norway is a popular tradition and a lucrative industry as well. There are a lot of companies across the country which manufacture products specially designed for such purpose. For instance, they might be offering bamboo socks, toilet paper, greeting cards, etc.In that case, students must find a company to partner with, which will offer them high-quality items. Only this way they can make a successful sale and earn money for their school trip.

Selling the products

When they acquire items, the next thing would be to sell those products. Students usually set up street stands or visit homes in their neighborhood, where they can sell goods. Considering Norwegian people are familiar with this tradition, students go from one home to another and try to sell as many items as possible.

People will buy all sorts of stuff, from toilet paper and firelighters to socks and greeting cards. Companies that make these types of things will offer students discounted prices to resell goods and earn money.

Parent involvement

In cases where students want to avoid partnering with the companies, they ask their parents for help. They will organize a fundraising event where everyone will donate a certain amount of money anonymously, to give all students an equal opportunity to go on a field trip.Parents are more than ready to help, and regardless of how much money they donate, when a lot of them are joined around the same cause, they can help students achieve their goals.

Social media sale

Many schools and classes decide to sell products over social media, mostly Facebook. They’ve discovered that this type of engagement helps them generate the most money. Customers are more interested in online shops and social media campaigns than in brick and mortar stores.

Students In Hall

Students order products from the companies we previously mentioned, take pictures of them, and post them on their social media accounts. So far, many students and their parents have noticed that this type of sale provides excellent results, and doesn’t take too much of their time.Therefore, they’ll save money and time, by actually switching to online sale.