How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Towed?

Millions of cars are towed in the US every year. Just about any vehicle owner has had a minimum of one tow within the course of their life. Towing fees could be expensive if you don’t have roadside assistance via your insurance coverage, membership at a roadside support group, or even an emergency fund set up for instances of, as well, automobile emergencies.

A lot of individuals don’t realize tow providers comprise over transporting a car from 1 spot to another. The fees billed by two businesses may fluctuate based upon your situation, where your home is, along with the tow business.

Why Would I Need To Be Towed?

There are lots of reasons that you may have to employ the assistance of a tow truck, and mercifully, many of them are laborious — however most aren’t. If you’re in an accident and your vehicle is broken to the point which you can’t drive this, or when your vehicle has an issue that prevents it from beginning, you are certainly going to want a tow truck.


However, the most usual reasons for having a tow truck are all avoidable. Perhaps you have left your lights accidentally and murdered your battery life? Maintaining a set of jumper cables in your back might help you avoid getting the expensive call. Likewise with maintaining and understanding how to change a flat tire to get a brand new one and keeping your eye on the gas gauge.

Average Tow Costs

Some tow companies may charge $3 to $8 per mile. The expensive amount is usually reserved for heavy-duty cars. Below is an estimate of what you could end up paying for towing service:

• 100 Mile Tow: $250 to $600

• 40 Mile Tow: $100 to $250

• 5 to 7 Mile Tow: $30 to $100

What Impacts the Cost of a Tow?


Should you check straight on a tow firm’s site for Prices, you will likely be hard-pressed to locate a dollar number. I assessed several rather than just recorded their costs. But, fortunately the Price of a tow would be fairly regular so that I will at least offer you some ballpark figure. Towing fees frequently Begin at $50 and may easily get as large as $100 based on the kind of tow and where you’re located.